Shaun Smyth CFA

    Shaun Smyth, CFA is a licensed health insurance advisor partnering with Stonepath Wealth Management to bring clients comprehensive health and medical concierge services.  He has been passionate about health and wellness since his career first began over 15 years ago in the health insurance industry.

    He specializes in the individual and family market, working with entrepreneurs, small businesses and people that are self-employed.  As a health insurance advisor that is licensed in states across the nation, he brings compassionate and thorough solutions to Stonepath’s diverse client base.  Unlike an insurance broker, Shaun can source health insurance solutions from both the public and private insurance markets, creating unique opportunities to build customized health plans.

    As a former collegiate athlete, Shaun is also a Certified Personal Trainer, licensed with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Active additionally in all other realms of his life, he enjoys his free time with road trips, sports, and concerts.  He is regularly involved in his church and volunteering in the community as well.

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