Health Insurance

Having a plan for the future is critical, but you won’t get there without taking care of your health today.

In America there are about 40 million doctor visits each year due to accidents. 25 million people make emergency room visits each year. The average emergency room visit with insurance is less than $200. The average bill without insurance is over $3,000.

Both men and women have a 1-in-3 lifetime risk of getting cancer.

800,000 people have heart attacks each year.

Quality health insurance is often an afterthought because no one plans to get sick and no one plans to have an accident. But at Stonepath Wealth Management, we understand that your day to day health is the number one factor impacting the overall quality of life for you and your family.

Having access to affordable, quality health insurance is crucial over the course of your life- from annual checkups, accident coverage, to critical illness and chronic conditions. At Stonepath Wealth Management we recognize that deductibles, copays and network coverages can make choosing the right health plan confusing. That is why we have a dedicated licensed health agent to assist you in making the best decisions for you and your family.