Charitable Gifting Strategies

Our team at Stonepath Wealth Management would love to talk to you about the causes that are meaningful to you and discuss how charitable giving can be worked into your financial and estate plan. It is important to us that our clients charitable giving be implemented strategically from a financial and tax standpoint, maximizing the funds that you want to give.

One example of an excellent way to help meet your charitable giving goals while also taking advantage of tax benefits are Donor Advised Funds. With Donor Advised Funds, you can contribute cash, securities, or other assets that can be invested for tax free growth and allow the donor to make charitable gifts from this account over time.

Among other tax advantages, contributions can be tax deductible in the year they are made, subject to certain limitations. In addition, the accounts can be transferable to the next generation so that the family legacy of charitable giving can continue. Let us help you develop and implement a strategy that takes your philanthropy further and can establish a philanthropic legacy for your family.

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