Independent. Thoughtful. Caring.

These three words summarize the investment approach that we take with each and every client. We pride ourselves in the diligent research and care that we put into making sound, responsible investment decisions.

Universal Investment Approaches Don’t Exist

This is why our relationship with you is so important. Each client has a different tolerance for risk, not to mention different individual goals. We take this into account in order to tailor an investment solution designed just for you.

Diversification is Key

Diversification is the most important part of managing your investments.  At Stonepath Wealth Management, we look to give you financial security in both good and bad economic times.

How It Works

The more we learn about you the more we can help.

We get to know you, your values, your dreams – we want to know what keeps you up at night so that you can be the best version of yourself. The first step is for us to put a complete picture together.


Discuss Goals and tolerance for risk.


Breakdown current holdings and analyze tax advantages and disadvantages.


Present our findings and give recommendations tailored to your goals, risk tolerance and tax situation.


We handle all of the paperwork to make the process as easy as possible for you


Your investments are monitored on an ongoing basis and changes are made as needed. Online access will be sent so that you can see all of your accounts consolidated into one convenient place.


We will communicate with you and meet regularly to review your accounts and ensure that we’re up to date with your life. You’ll have as much access to us as you need.

Helping You Look Ahead

Rather than merely relying on what’s worked in the past, we want to help others look ahead and experience amazing opportunities.

A Vanguard study, Advisors Alpha, has shown that this sort of personal care from an effective financial advisor can add about 3% to a return annually, after fees. As these accounts grow over time, a significant amount can accumulate.