Life Insurance

Life insurance is often called the most heartfelt gift you can give a loved one. At Stonepath Wealth Management, we take this message seriously and work with you to find the best policy to suit your individual needs.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

There are many different life insurance companies touting their investment products – the problem is, one company`s policies are not the best for every individual. Since individual needs and goals are important in choosing the best life insurance policy, Stonepath Wealth Management has the ability to offer life insurance policy quotes from hundreds of different companies.

Stonepath Wealth Management Group can assist you in determining the amount of coverage required to help ensure that survivors are left in the same “financial world” to which they were accustomed while you were actively producing income. Current liabilities (e.g., mortgages, outstanding loans, etc.) and future liabilities (e.g. education for children) are considered. At Stonepath Wealth Management, we understand that life insurance can be a complex topic to understand, and we do our best to present all possible options to you and present our suggestions for a policy based on your individual needs.

Choosing the Best Policy

Life insurance should not be a rushed decision. There are many factors to consider: the size of the policy to purchase, whether to purchase term insurance or permanent life insurance, and much more. We systematically walk you through the life insurance jargon. Since life insurance is such an important and personal subject, we strive to target life insurance policies that best suit your needs for financial security.

To learn more about how Stonepath Wealth Management can assist you in deciding among life insurance policies, please reach out.