Finding Purpose in Retirement

Many of us look forward to our retirement, and to the day when we can finally stop clocking in to work and enjoy some real relaxation and leisure. What many retirees find, however, is that leaving the workforce is a two-edged sword.

The reason for this is simple: A lot of us have our identities wrapped up in what we do for a living. That’s only natural, given the huge amounts of time we spend at work, but it means that resigning from your vocation can sometimes feel like losing an important part of yourself.

While retirement is a huge financial achievement, then, it can also be personally and emotionally challenging. At Stonepath Wealth Management, we’ve heard from a number of clients who say that leaving the workforce made them feel a little aimless and adrift—but just because you’re retired, that hardly means you have to lose your sense of purpose.

Living a Purposeful Retirement

There are a number of ways in which you can find purpose in retirement.

  • If you’d like to spend your days doing something out of the house, something that makes a real difference for the people around you, why not volunteer? You don’t need a paycheck to find your work meaningful, and there are always organizations that need retirees to come in and lend a hand.
  • Just because you’re retired, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your professional field altogether. There are likely some younger professionals who would really love to hear your wisdom and bounce some of their questions off you. Find a couple of protégés to whom you can serve as a mentor.
  • Work part time. Another way to find a sense of purpose in your retirement? Don’t stay retired. Even working one or two days out of the house can give you something to look forward to and add some sense of structure for each week.
  • Develop a skill. When you work eight or 10 hours a day, it can be challenging to find the time to pick up a guitar, try your hand at sculpting, or study up on the world of fine wine. But when you’re retired, you suddenly have the time you need to take classes and explore some new passions.
  • Get creative. Ever thought about writing a book? Starting a blog? Becoming a photographer? There are plenty of creative outlets in which you might find meaning, and most have a low threshold for entry.
  • Spend time with your family. It may sound trite, but in all seriousness, one of the best things about retirement is that you can be a more active and engaged presence in the life of your family members—perhaps allowing them to show you some of their favorite hobbies and activities. Don’t take these opportunities for granted!

These are just a few ways in which retirees can regain a sense of purpose. If you have any additional questions about enjoying a secure and satisfying retirement, we invite you to reach out. Your Stonepath Wealth Management advisor is here to chat when you’re ready.