Why Work with an Independent Financial Advisor?

At Stonepath Wealth Management, we are truly independent financial advisors—and there are several benefits that come with that. As you do your research and think about where you feel most comfortable doing your financial planning, consider some of the perks that our independence can offer.

Independent advisors have zero proprietary investments. We’re not trying to sell you stock in companies that we own, or in which we have a vested financial interest. An independent advisor like Stonepath Wealth Management has no proprietary investments at all, in fact, and no reason to pressure you into any particular product. We can always offer you the product that’s best for you—period.

Related to that, an independent advisor can offer you numerous investment options. Because we are not bound by a certain list of investment products, we are generally able to offer whatever investment is best for you—which means our clients get a wide range of products to choose from.

At an independent advisor, you often get closer, more personalized service. The level of personalized attention is often going to be so much better with an independent agent, because the independent agent will likely have fewer total clients.

Independent advisors can offer access to a wide range of insurance products. Again, we are not beholden to any particular products or product lines. Often, independent advisors can offer insurance products that are less expensive than the ones you would find elsewhere—and when it comes to something like life insurance, the expense is the primary thing most clients care about.

Independent advisors can operate on numerous platforms. Instead of relying on their own in-house, proprietary technologies, they can allow you to hold your assets via the financial platform of your choice. You’re free to choose where you receive your statements and online account access from.

Independent advisors do not have quotas to reach. They can focus on what’s best for you—not what’s best for their career or for the company.

Research is non-proprietary. Independent advisors can conduct research that is not tied to any particular product or investment instrument, again ensuring that you get a real choice, and access to whatever’s best for your needs.

An independent advisor lives or dies by reputation.  Matt Golba’s name is right there on our door, and everything we do on your behalf reflects on our reputation here in the community—so naturally, we’re zealous for always doing what’s in the client’s best interest.

Working with an independent advisor is very likely to be in your best interests—and these eight points offer just a few of the reasons why. To learn more, please contact our team today. We’d be happy to tell you what makes us special.