10 Travel Tips Worth Trying

1. Stress-Away

Stress is a vacation killer, keep it limited to only very important, non-monetary issues. Pack things that can’t be readily replaced first; passport, contacts, medications, phone, wallet. If you forget to pack a toothbrush or socks, it’s not a big deal, go buy some. Don’t let little things get to you.

2. Bring Old Shoes

If you are a runner or walker, bring some shoes that only have a week of life left in them, then donate or leave them at your vacation destination. That will leave room in your luggage to bring something home that you will enjoy.

3. Booking Hotels

Priceline. Unless you need to stay at a specific hotel, use Hotwire and Priceline, I usually save about 30-40% by booking the name your own price room on the same day or prior day of the trip. You can usually find the hotels they typically give by searching on google: “4 star PriceLine hotel in Denver”. Go to HotWire and find out the rate, use that as a guide to finding your room on Priceline *I usually go about 15%- 20% lower than the Hotwire rate*.

4. Tips

Most of the people you encounter along your travels are able to enhance your trip if they would like to. If you would like to receive upgrades, ask for them and don’t be afraid to tip that person. When I check into large hotels/resorts (where the possibility of an upgrade is likely) I usually put a $20 bill in between my license and credit card, and say, if you are able to help me get any upgrades I’d really appreciate it. Most of the time they will do anything they can to help you.

5. Find the Best Places

I use TripAdvisor to find the bars and restaurants that have the best reviews, this has rarely steered me in the wrong direction. I’ve found some of the coolest places this way, it can also help avoid tourist traps. Tourist traps not only waste your time, but also your money.

6. Have Your Maps Ready

If you have maps on your smartphone, a lot of the time you need wifi to use them. Before you go, enlarge the map around your hotel and where you will most likely be, this saves on your phone and can help you avoid getting lost. Also, some hotel services will provide you with maps of the area—but it’s still a good idea to be prepared.

7. Rental Car Suggestions

Do not drive a rental car from one country to another–you lose any insurance you might have purchased.
If you don’t plan to drive a lot, either splurge for a limo or take a taxi (uber or lyft are good options as well).

8. Take pictures

Of your boarding pass, parking spots, hotel room number, drivers license. These can all be used easily to help remember things your don’t want to normally remember. Also, don’t forget to get yourself in some!

9. Find a Grocery Store

This is much cheaper and healthier, stock up on things like snacks, drinks, sunscreen and other items that you will need during the trip.

10. Stay in Shape

Most gyms allow guests a free first time trial, or charge a small fee. I belong to Anytime Fitness, which has gyms all over the country, but many others offer a reciprocal deal that allows members to use different gyms across the globe. Try to keep your workout routine, this will help you have more energy and feel better during the trip. Even if you don’t commit to a gym membership, taking a light jog everyday around your hotel will keep you feeling good as well!